Terrarium server setup

Sep 3, 2008 at 4:29 AM
As briefly discussed, the current setup program doesn't properly setup the server. There needs to be some profiles and counters setup for the server to operate correctly with the current client. The new code was added after the initial release (after we dug it up from MSFT).

I currently have two active tasks I'm working on:
  • Fix DirectX issues for Vista installs. This involves abstracting away the hard coded DirectX interface that's there now. There's another thread here discussing the details of this.
  • Create a new server config installer.

The latter is what I'm focused on for a 2.1 release. This will provide an additional .msi setup program to run on your server. It will also configure the SQL db and the IIS site (and propertly run and setup the counters). This will correct the peer count and get clients talking to each other.

The Vista/DirectX fixes will come later as I want to get the server running so public terrarium servers can be correctly configured (you can currently run Terrarium under Vista, you just need to manually register some old(er) DirectX files).