Moving ahead, slowly

Nov 27, 2008 at 4:44 PM
Things are going on as I try to weed out time to work on this (and other) project. A few recent updates:

  • Source code is getting updated. Client code is now VS2008/3.5 only. There were going to be breaking changes when we shifted anyways and potentially 2 sets of breaks (one for the shift to 3.5, the other to remove the legacy code). This is to mitigate the number of times I'm going to ask you to recompile your bugs. Some people may hate me for forcing VS2008 and 3.5 but it's the end of 2008 and 3.5 is pretty mature now. Feel free to complain here.
  • Massive codebase cleanup and introduction of autoproperties and initializers and other 3.5 specific language features.
  • Introduced Controls2 and Terrarium2 projects to the solution. These are new side-by-side projects to replace the legacy 1.x versions. Those versions, once these are done, will be removed. This is to get us using partial classes and new 2.0/3.5 language features.
  • Introduced ControlsWPF and TerrariumWPF projects to the solution. These are WPF versions for those that might want to run them. Both the WinForms 2.x and WPF clients will share common Presenters and whatnot (if possible) and be fairly light on the logic.
  • Updated the user wiki with a few items, namely:
    • Code Metrics: Some high level stats from the current codebase
    • Roadmap and Milestones: An on-going page to track Terrarium futures
    • Technical Debt: An on-going list (hopefully one that won't grow too fast) of code cleanup tasks that need to be done.

The wiki is the wiki and it's a wiki. Feel free to create an account and update it as you see fit.

Please continue to use the forums here for off-topic or new idea conversations (and potential bug reports, as in software bugs).
Please use the Issue Tracker for submitting bugs and feature requests (and vote on existing open ones)

The user wiki should be used for everything else.

Thanks for your continued support and interest!
Jul 1, 2009 at 9:47 PM

Hi guys,

With a recent tweet by Scott Hanselman (thanks Scott!) there's been renewed interest in the project. So with that we're looking to fix up some lingering problems and shift the light on Terrarium to some new technology.

The original release was for .NET 2.0 but since then it's been recompiled on 3.5 and some effort has started on creating WPF versions of the client.

Hopefully if I can get some help from you guys there's a few things we'd like to get going on:

  1. Update to .NET 4.0 platform. The code *should* compile on 4.0 but I haven't tried it yet.
  2. Update to WPF. Ditch the old WinForms legacy clients and finish the WPF ones on 4.0
  3. Redo the web server in ASP.NET 4.0 MVC with the new 3.5 charting controls. The old web server was such a hack and butt-ugly ASP.NET 1.0 code.
  4. Update the web services in WCF to be consumed by the new website and clients.
  5. Fix the x64 compatibility issues and get it ready for Vista x64 and Win 7. This would include looking at maybe folding in the recent managed DirectX wrappers from MSDN Code Gallery and ditching the old legacy wrappers.
  6. Launch and try to get some new organisms going and grow our community!

Like I said, hope we can move towards this soon and I'm looking for you to help out. Download the current codebase and take a look then contact myself or Scott Hanselman if you're interested in taking on some tasks.